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You will receive an email confirmation after you submit this form. If you do not, please email us to let us know: volunteer@dghonline.org DGH depends on and encourages the spirit of volunteerism to carry out its mission. Whether or not you spend an extended period of time in a foreign country, you can still be a DGH Volunteer. From volunteering abroad to organizing events in your neighborhood to helping with technical jobs at home, you can contribute to promoting health and human rights around the world. When you volunteer with DGH you will be connected with a volunteer DGH Mentor to work with you and provide guidance.

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International Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering internationally please answer the following questions in one or two paragraphs each:

How do you think this experience will impact your future or present career?

Describe and comment on the history and social reality of the country or countries in which you would like to volunteer. If relevant, please address how the relationship between that country and the United States has affected life in that country.

Elaborate on any previous experiences you have had volunteering with a marginalized population (previous experience, however, is not necessary to volunteer with DGH).

Plan to volunteer with DGH domestically prior to and/or after your international experience. Your options include any of the items listed on page one of this application.

Supporting Materials

If you are applying to be an international Voluteer, please include a resume and reference.

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I have read and agree with the Mission Statement and Principles of Action of Doctors for Global Health (DGH) and agree to support the work of DGH with my time and/or donations. I agree not to hold DGH liable for any losses, claims or actions of any kind arising out of my association with DGH.

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