History of DGH In the Community


DGH-Europe first convened in Paris in September of 2007. It was started by a small group of DGH volunteers, board members and long-time supporters based in Europe. Participants came from Spain, France, Italy and the UK.

Since the first reunion, the group has met again in Malaga, Spain (March 2008) where they organized a photo exhibition featuring the Salvadoran Rehabilitation Center project in Santa Marta, alongside an event to publicize the work of DGH together with that of our local partners, Psicologi per i Populi (Psychologists for the People) who are currently working on a five-year project ‘Bienestar en El Salvador’ to promote mental health in the town of Santa Marta, in rural El Salvador.  

This Italian group also hosted a DGH-Europe meeting in Turin, Italy, last December with members of the local Salvadoran Community.  Planning is underway to launch a new initiative, a set of conferences for volunteers in the contribution of social psychology to community health.

All our members share common interests and many collaborate with a number of respected European NGOs, such as L’Appel of France, Italian Psicologi per I Popoli and CIMME and Fisios Mundi from Spain. The majority of the members in the group are not physicians but physical therapists, psychologists, sociologists, artists and media professionals.

The primary goal of the group is to support the work of DGH at a local level and to promote the organization in Europe, building networks with other like-minded groups.  We are committed to raising funds to support existing projects and to assist in the recruitment of volunteers. In order to do this, DGH-Europe plans to hold bi-annual meetings, one of which will include a fundraising event.

We are pleased to inform all DGH members, friends and readers of our activities and recent formation, as well as to invite all interested people to join us; to exchange ideas and strengthen the influence and impact of DGH around the world.



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Would you like to help us translate from English to Spanish or simply proof-read the Spanish from home?  Do you speak Italian or French? DGH-Europe is organizing a group of volunteer translators.  Contact Isabel Quintero at: