DGH Members Participate in the Inaugural MGH Chelsea Research Day



The brainchild of the Massachusetts General Hospital’s (MGH’s) Chelsea Research Program, Research Day was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the diversity of collaborative research among health center staff, other MGH-affiliated departments, community members and other academic departments, institutes and centers.


CoCoSI (Committee Against AIDS) Director Brenda Hubbard, DGH volunteer and Harvard Medical Student Annie Symonds, and DGH Board Member Jennifer Kasper, created three posters that highlighted DGH’s accompaniment work in Estancia and Santa Marta, El Salvador.


Research Day highlighted the mission of the Community Research Program at MGH Chelsea Healthcare Center: to support research across the lifespan and emphasize interdisciplinary collaborations that target health disparities, advance clinical practice, and improve the well-being of the Chelsea community. The model is similar to DGH’s accompaniment approach: listen to the needs and priorities of our partner communities and when indicated, conduct participatory research to address these needs and priorities.


Poster presentations focused on six health-related themes facing the community: Immigrant Health; Practice Transformation & Health Care Redesign; Maternal Health & Child Development; Language Development & Health Communication; Behavioral Health; and Medical Education.


The posters will be available for viewing below.

CoCoSI (Committee Against AIDS), Santa Marta, El Salvador, Director Brenda Hubbard's Poster:

CoCoSI_MGH research day_final.pdf


DGH Board Member Jennifer Kasper's poster:

DGH_CDH_Oral Health Poster_Jennifer Kasper_final.pdf


DGH volunteer and Harvard Medical Student Annie Symonds' poster:

SymondsKasper_DGH_CDH child nutri and devel project_final.pdf




















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