Cabañas environmental activists assassinated in El Salvador

Doctors for Global Health stands in solidarity with the community of Cabañas, where community leader and environmental activist Ramiro Rivera Gómez was recently assassinated. This community has been hard hit: it is the second assassination this year alone, and other community leaders have been threatened in association with their pro-environment, anti-mining advocacy.  To learn more, check out the website of the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador.



We invite you to join us in calling on the Salvadoran Office of the Attorney General to carry out an impartial, exhaustive, and effective investigation in order to bring to justice the intellectual and material authors of this horrendous crime.  Linked below is an update of the letter we sent to the Attorney General (accompanied by an english version for your information), the text of which you are encouraged to use and adapt for your own letters.  This letter can be sent by email to


Addendum, December 27th 2009:

We are deeply troubled and saddened to learn of the assassination of Dora Alicia Recinos Sorto, 32 years old and 8 months pregnant, on December 26th.  Like Ramiro Rivera Gómez, she was a member of the Cabañas Environmental Committee.  Her two-year-old child, with her at the time, was injured in the attack.