Fundraisers that YOU can run to benefit Doctors for Global Health


We’ve had great successes in both friend- and fund-raisers, including hosting a dinner, baking cookies, organizing concerts and art shows, asking for holiday, birthday or special event donations or giving a talk. Read below to find out how these have worked for other DGH members. See which one would suit you best! Let us know your plans and any way we can help.


Download these materials for use at your fundraising event:

  • Four photo cards (PDF 6.2MB) that outline DGH's Mission and principles with photos from DGH projects.
  • DGH flier (PDF) with basic information about the organization and how it works. (Spanish version.)
  • Use DGH products. If you buy 15 or more of a product (different sizes OK), you can get a low bulk rate. Sell them for more and donate the proceeds to DGH, or use them as prizes or give-aways. For more information, contact us.


Host a Dinner


"I held a soup and salad supper.  I showed the DGH video from the website, discussed my family’s involvement in DGH and answered questions about DGH.  I put out a bowl where donations could be dropped.  I thought it could also be fun to make food from the countries where DGH has partner communities." 

– Shirley N


Holiday, Birthday and Special Event Donations


Many DGH members have asked friends and family to make a contribution to DGH in lieu of wedding, bar/t mitzvah or birthday gifts. A card was made up explaining a little about DGH as a tax-deductible organization. Some people signed up with I Do Foundation and that group sent DGH a check. In the case of a family member’s death, DGH was named in the obituary, asking that donations be made in memory of a loved one.


"For my birthday I asked my relatives to donate to DGH instead of buying me a birthday gift."

– Dan B


"I made donations on behalf of my division at work at holiday time to a particular DGH project.  The reason I chose this project was that it was most obviously related to child health.  Some of the other doctors would give gifts, but I thought that a donation would be more meaningful.  I printed up cards and hand-wrote my appreciation for all the staff in the division with a statement that I had donated money on their behalf to the project.  Even better was the reaction - other people in the division started to donate to charities for the holidays in subsequent years - a llama was donated to Heifer International, donations to Meals on Wheels - and everyone felt good about it."

– Elyanne R


Bake Cookies


I baked a few different kinds of cookies and then packaged them in boxes and asked people to donate $25 -or maybe it was $35- to DGH in exchange for a box of about 2-3 dozen.  It was around the holiday time, and so they were in holiday shapes like stars.  I put a sticker on the boxes and I tied them with ribbons in the DGH teal.  I had a flyer that came with the cookies about DGH and a form that showed them how to learn more about DGH.  This might be a good project for a group.  It would be fun as a cookie-making party, or to have each person make one kind.

– Karen L


Organize an Event


"I organized a concert with a band that volunteered their time and talent at a location that also donated the space during off hours. All the proceeds went to DGH. We had a lot of fun and raised awareness as well as money."

– Denise Z


"I held an art sale in my home and donated 50% of the money that I earned to DGH.  People felt good about buying art and supporting a great organization, I was able to connect with some great local people and talk about health and social justice.  I think the same idea could work for a yard sale."

– Emily B


"I held a photography exhibit, Portraits of Tibet: Outside In, at a  coffee house. I was able to capture images of refugee life on film during a year spent in Dharamsala, India (seat of the Tibetan Government-in-exile) working with survivors of torture as a Columbia University Fellow in Human Rights and Health. I sold all of the photos and donated the proceeds to DGH."

– Tim H


"I got a really easy, simple idea from a friend who actually does this monthly. It's called 'Charity Food and Film'. It's perfect for a younger group of folks who don't have as much money to donate. The event was simple: potluck, friends and other interested people came over, we ate, socialized, I gave a brief 10-15 minutes scheal about DGH and showed a video from the DGH website, and then we watched a movie. My friend lent me a projector and we hung a sheet on the wall. We passed a donation jar around where everyone was welcome to give whatever they wanted. It was fun and required minimal preparation time."

– Jenny A


"I got in touch with a local bar that puts on a free weekly trivia night. They allowed us to charge a $5 registration fee the day of our event. Participants were then given one free drink and some jambalaya. All proceeds went to our fundraising efforts. The bar was so helpful! They tailored the trivia quiz to our health interests and provided prizes for all of the winners as well as last place. For advocacy, I set up a table with some copies of our most recent DGH newsletter as well as a pamphlet of the local community clinic to which we planned to donate some of the funds. In addition to the trivia, we held a raffle. We sold tickets throughout the week and picked winners in between trivia rounds.”
– Ashley K


Give a Talk


"After Larry and I returned home from a trip to DGH project sites, we invited family and friends to an event at a local community center (that we rented for a nominal fee) where we presented our trip together via PowerPoint and discussion.  We made a variety of desserts and served beverages before and afterward.  Donations to DGH were accepted from those who wanted to help.  This would be good for all DGH volunteers to do for their family and friends as a way of sharing what they did abroad and spreading the word about DGH."

– Shirley N