Become a Member


DGH is unique in its democratic structure. Unlike many other groups, anyone can become a board member of DGH and have true impact on the organization's direction and activities. The membership categories below explain the process for becoming as involved with DGH as an individual desires.


All membership categories require that the person agree with DGH's Mission Statement and Principles of Action.


Member: A DGH member contributes to DGH in a concrete way through volunteer work and/or donations. To become Members, individuals must fill out a brief information form about themselves and sign an agreement stating that they agree with the DGH Principles of Action and Mission statement.  Apply to become a member.


Voting Member: A Member who has volunteered with DGH in some capacity for one year is eligible to fill out the DGH Voting Membership Application (PDF file). The board reviews the applications and votes on whether the member should be given voting rights. Voting members elect the board of directors and vote in organizational decisions for which the Bylaws require a quorum of the Voting Membership. Voting members will be given a copy of the Bylaws and receive regular e-mails regarding DGH activities. Voting members should make every effort to attend DGH's annual General Assembly where the membership can learn more about the work DGH has accomplished throughout the year and board members are elected.


Advisory Council Member: An individual nominated by a board member for his or her expertise in a field relevant to DGH's work. The board can call upon this expertise as necessary to further the work of DGH.


Board Member: To be eligible for election to the board of directors, a person must have been a voting member. A quorum of the voting members elect board members.