Our Organization


DGH is comprised of current and past international and domestic volunteers, partner community members, and those with an interest in and commitment to the work of the organization.


There are two levels of membershipDGH member and DGH voting member. You can become a member by affirming your agreement with the mission and principles of DGH and filling out an application. DGH members in Europe have joined together locally as DGH Europe, and multiple cities in the U.S. have members who organize local activities and fundraisers.


Doctors for Global Health is administered by a volunteer board of directorswhose members have volunteered with DGH and are elected by DGH voting members.


The board is assisted by an advisory council composed of over 200 physicians, students, retired people, engineers, artists, teachers, nurses, public health workers, lawyers, business people, and others. A diverse group of volunteers provides the vital core of DGH's capabilities and resources (including this web site).


For most of its existence, DGH has been a strictly volunteer organization with no paid employees in the USA. Our funding comes mostly from individual donors who support our mission and goals, allowing DGH as an organization to continue working with our partner communities. It also allows DGH to allocate funds as needed among all its projects.


DGH is also supported by private foundations, such as Atkinson Foundation, Levi Strauss Foundation, Mulago Foundation, and the Ford Foundation. DGH does not seek U.S. Government funds, such as from U. S. A. I. D.  This allows us more independence in our program decisions. For the same reason, we do not allow more than fifty percent of our funding to come from any one source.


DGH is very frugal with its funds. Board members and international volunteers pay all of their own expenses, including airfare, and room and board, allowing 95 percent of DGH funds to go directly to its program activities. DGH is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which means your donations are tax deductible.