Human Rights and Advocacy Committee


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  MLK


Doctors for Global Health (DGH) works with its global partners and other organizations to bear witness for human rights and against human rights violations. One way we accomplish this is by responding to and adding our voice with those who may be disenfranchised by violations of their human rights.


As political and economic repression continues to ravage communities in the remotest parts of this planet, every individual’s story needs to be told and heard. However, as much as we would like to respond to all human rights violations and to advocate for all people worldwide who are in need of having their voices amplified, due to limited resources DGH prioritizes its work to focus on the following:


  1. Human rights violations and local policies that negatively influence or affect the communities that we accompany;
  2. Universal health care access. We join in solidarity with groups with which we are affiliated and support and encourage the advocacy work of the People's Health Movement to promote the right to health care for all in our own country and abroad;
  3. Highlight the human and other costs of wars, and gross human rights violations by our nation;
  4. Immigration issues nationally and internationally.


We take action on these issues through:       

  •  Educational articles in the DGH Reporter      
  • Position statements and letters of support to affected communities      
  • Calls to action in the form of letters/ fax/telephone calls to:
    • Denounce the violation(s)
    • Ask for investigation
    • Call for measures to protect the individual(s) and/or community


Advocacy work can be daunting and if we truly believe Dr. King’s words that injustice to anyone, anywhere is a threat to justice to all of us, it will require the moral commitment of each and everyone of us to work towards a more just planet.  We hope you will join our voices, in any way that you are able to, as we stand with those who fight for their health, human rights, justice and dignity.  If you have comments or would like to bring any important issues to our attention, or join the Human Rights and Advocacy committee please contact us.


You can also see some of our advocacy references and tips.